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ShareDynamics - Strategic Project Manager

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Strategic Project Manager

“If you don't know where you are going, how can you expect to get there? ” ~Basil S. Walsh

Strategic Project Manager – Course Description

Strategic planning involves asking the right solution-oriented questions and conducting appropriate analyses to formulate detailed plans for successful execution.

Strategic Project Manager

These plans are bundles of decisions and activities that we select to achieve our goals and develop clear strategic roadmaps that link project management to corporate strategies and position project management as a solution to problems.

By learning to think strategically, program and project managers can better understand business drivers, enable value creation and become business partners within their organizations.

The goal of this practical, hands-on workshop is to provide program and project managers with the main elements of Strategic Planning, modern Strategic Planning models, and tools and techniques to develop the critical skill of Strategic Thinking and Strategy Development.

Who should attend:

  • Project managers, project portfolio managers, and PMO directors.
  • Product managers and those who manage product portfolios.
  • IT managers who receive and evaluate IT service requests or support IT funding proposals.
  • Managers at all levels with a need to bring consistency, discipline, and accountability to decision making and planning in their organizations.

Workshop Outline

Module 1: Strategic Foundation

  • What is Strategic Planning?
  • Elements of Strategic Planning
  • Strategic and Business Thinking
  • Goals & Critical Success Factors
  • Benefits and Outcomes
  • Strategic Alignment

Module 2: Situational Analysis

  • Problem and User Needs Definition
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Mapping and Segmentation
  • Force-field Analysis

Module 3: Strategic Positioning

  • Strategic Analysis with PEST: Political, Economic, Social and Technological Views
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Micheal Potter's "5 Forces" Analysis
  • Resources and Capability Analysis
  • SWOT

Module 4: Strategy Definition

  • Strategies for Compatitive Advantage:
  • Cost Leadership
  • Differentiation
  • Strategic Product Positioning
  • Strategic Analysis Checklist
  • Project Benefits and Outcomes

Module 5: Strategic Project Roadmaps

  • ​SMART outcomes test
  • Setting outcome priorities
  • Linking outcomes to deliverables
  • Benefit realization planning

All attendees will receive all supplemental materials used during the workshop.

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Workshop Feedback: Strategic Project Manager

“The Strategic Project Manager workshop is an excellent workshop in terms of content as well as interaction with instructor and other participants. The exercises are very engaging and reinforce hands-on learning. Will definitely use these concepts on setting up all our programs.”

Gabriela B.,
Sr. Project Manager

“The concept of the Strategic PM canvas is very unique and helps you build a solid foundation for planning, execution and monitoring of any program.”

Nicole F., Project Manager
EMD Millipore Corporation

“Taking us through the strategic design process of a project or a program was extremely helpful. The Strategic PM canvas is a great tool that provides structure and rigor to the complicated process of setting up a successful program”.

Jeff Burchman, Program Manager