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ShareDynamics - Business Case Development

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Business Case Development

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. ~Benjamin Franklin

Strategic Business Case Development – Course Description

A business case is the critical requirement in many organizations before committing to projects, new products or other investments. Rigorous business case preparation ensures well-targeted investment across the organization, reduces risk, improves strategic alignment, and increases the probability of achieving desired outcomes.

This 1-day hands-on workshop will walk the participants through the business analysis activities necessary to identify business need, define solution approach, justify investment, assure proper alignment with business goals, and define metrics and KPIs to support benefit realization, measurement and reporting.

This workshop will also provide guidance for organizations seeking to implement benefits realization management principles within both project and program management environments.

What you will learn:

  • Essential building blocks that every business case must have.
  • Steps needed to complete a well-structured business case.
  • How to identify necessary information in support of the business case.
  • Tips and techniques for problem definition, analysis of alternatives, and setting of appropriate measures and KPIs.
  • Receive guidance on benefits realization tracking and management.

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Workshop Outline


  • Fundamentals of a business case
  • Where the business case fits into the project life cycle
  • The path to creating a business case

Defining the Business Case:

  • Defining a problem or opportunity – creating a problem statement
  • Setting up goals and targets
  • Turing goals into business requirements
  • Business case analysis process
  • Identifying and documenting benefits (outputs, outcomes, and impacts)
  • The benefits review plan

Building blocks of a Business Case:

  • Executive summary
  • Reasons
  • Business options and alternatives
  • Expected benefits
  • Timescale
  • Costs
  • Major risks

Benefits measures and realization tracking:

  • Business case benefits review and re-evaluation
  • Current project scope/direction
  • Benefits ownership, roles and benefit accountabilities
  • Operational obstacles and risks: benefit risk drivers
  • Benefits realization map
  • Benefits communication at each level and “What’s in it for me?
  • Benefits measures and targets:
    • Goal-Question-Indicator
    • Setting up benefit measures
    • Benefits realization KPIs
    • Benefits data collection and reporting
    • Benefits traceability matrix

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Additional Information

All attendees will receive a full set of templates and a Business Case Development workbook as well as other supplimental materials used during the workshop.

Workshop Feedback: Business Case Development

“I appreciated the thought process and progression from the high-level psychology framework to the specific framework developed for gathering information and communicating business value.”

“…I will be less likely to be overwhelmed by details in a given business case project by following this intelligent framework … approaching a project along this path, with the template as a guide.”

Joseph Monush,
SmartShift Technologies

“The Business Case Development Workshop presents high level, strategic thinking complemented by a practical framework to organize what can otherwise be an amorphous process.”

Misza Tymowski, Product Manager
Brooks Automation, Inc.

“It’s difficult to say what I liked most, as all elements of this workshop were outstanding. Among these were: completely pragmatic focus and tone overall; collegial interactions and interactive nature of the workshop”.

Danny Alexander, PMP