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ShareDynamics - Strategic Program Design, 1-Day Workshop

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Strategic Program Design, 1-Day Workshop

Waltham, MA
8:30am to 5pm

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This one-day facilitated workshop introduces a practical framework for developing implementation strategies, planning programs and developing strategic roadmaps as a two-way process that ensures alignment with business strategy and goals as guiding objectives for program planning and execution to achieve expected outcomes. Participants will explore a step-by-step approach to designing program roadmaps using Strategic Program Design Canvas that provides structure and visual guidance for creating a strong, strategic foundation.

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Workshop Feedback: Business Case Development

“I appreciated the thought process and progression from the high-level psychology framework to the specific framework developed for gathering information and communicating business value.”

“…I will be less likely to be overwhelmed by details in a given business case project by following this intelligent framework … approaching a project along this path, with the template as a guide.”

Joseph Monush,
SmartShift Technologies

Workshop Feedback: Strategic Project Manager

“The Strategic Project Manager workshop is an excellent workshop in terms of content as well as interaction with instructor and other participants. The exercises are very engaging and reinforce hands-on learning. Will definitely use these concepts on setting up all our programs.”

Gabriela B.,
Sr. Project Manager

Workshop Feedback: Present a Winning Business Case

“I totally enjoyed the “How to present a Business Case in 5 Slides” workshop. The instructor’s knowledge and confidence of the topic is amazing. The workshop concepts are great, very useful and workshop style is very interactive and keep everyone very interested in engaged! Can’t wait to begin using these concepts in my future presentations.”

Robert Dyason, Senior Business Analyst, I.T. Project Management and Analysis

Workshop Feedback: Strategic Program Design

“This course has provided a broad set of techniques that I feel will really help to guide and drive our team as we initiate our new Program. I look forward to trying some ideas with our team next week!”

Faith McDonnell,
Project Manager