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Joe IIBA 3.10.16

pdfStrategic Planning and Solution Alignment

This presentation introduces a practical framework for developing implementation strategies and planning programs as a two-way process that ensures alignment with business strategy and goals as guiding objectives for solution/program planning and execution to achieve expected outcomes. Participants will explore a step-by-step approach to designing programs using Strategic Program Design Canvas that provides structure and visual guidance for creating a strong, strategic foundation.

pdfMaking a Persuasive Business Case

The approval and funding of programs within any organization, generally requires the preparation of a business case. The business case is more than just financial justification and includes answers to questions like “Why the project should be undertaken?”, “What is a business problem?”, “How will the business issue be solved?”, “What are the benefits to the organization?”, “How much money, resources and time will be needed to deliver the solution?”, “What are the risks, assumptions and constraints?”. This presentation introduces the approach and a thought process that will help you understand what is really expected from the business case you developing and will show you how your strategic thinking can be complemented by a practical framework to organize what can otherwise be an amorphous process.

pdfLooking Beyond Deliverables: What is the Business Value of My Project?

Today, project management is moving well beyond focusing on the deliverables of a project. But projects are often considered finished when their deliverables are complete. However, the benefits of a project are typically realized over time. This may leave no one responsible during the realization phase and often no structure is setup to manage this phase of the project. For benefits realization to work, it is crucial to identify clear benefits early in the lifecycle and to assign ownership to those responsible for planning and managing their achievement. A robust approach to benefits realization will help to ensure that the project’s business case is strong and it is conducted in a way that focuses on delivery of benefits that are appropriately measured and reported. This presentation introduces a management framework that will help you plan, keep track, measure, and communicate your project’s benefits over time.

pdfBuilding a Comprehensive Business Case, by Joseph Raynus for International Institute of Business Analysts – Boston

Making your business case is a crucial first step before any organization commits to projects, new products or other investments. These key steps will strengthen your case by identifying need, defining solution approach, justifying investment and assuring alignment with business goals and objectives.

pdfJoe Raynus presentation at BPM/SOA Symposium.

To stay competitive, organizations have to have a high level of agility to adapt rapidly and cost efficiently to complex environment challenges such as customer demands, competition, markets, compliance requirements and economic conditions, to name a few. Is there a "method to the madness"? Can we ever achieve the level of flexibility, balance and technology alignment to effectively support the enterprise? This presentation will examine the concepts of Business Ecology, Innovation Curve and Measurement Framework that will help better understand, monitor and measure critical processes, analyze challenges and proactively take action.

pdfSAP NetWeaver Magazine by Joseph Raynus: An 8-Step Framework to Execute on Your Business Management Strategy.

Once you have collected strategic planning data, are you prepared to act on it? Every enterprise needs an internal framework to execute on its business planning management. Follow a step-by-step methodology to coordinate and align business processes and improve control over executing enterprise strategy.

pdfPresentation to PMI Ocean State Chapter: "Use of Measurements and Metrics for the Project Management Office (PMO)"

pdfShareDynamics and QPR software webinar "Balanced Scorecard Development with Lean Management Practices"