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ShareDynamics founder Joseph Raynus has written two well-received books, one on project management/metrics and an earlier book on software quality using CMM.

Improving Business Process Performance: Gain Agility, Create Value, and Achieve Success

Improving Business Process PerformanceDaily business operations are changing faster than management practices that govern the enterprise. For decades, manufacturers have known that quality measurement and process are key factors and they are growing in applications in service industries, conversations and other aspects of work. Without quantitative metrics of “progress” or “goals” or “strategy” an organization can lose its competitive edge.

This book offers a practical method for building a measurement framework that will help you gain the ability to monitor events and continuously refine them using feedback loops for analysis, goal-setting and strategy adjustment. Linking the framework in “Improving Business Process Performance” to your organization’s overall strategy aligns every project or program with defensible achievement and information that clearly supports a bigger-picture dynamic strategy. 

This book was recognized by the KPI Institute, the global authority on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) research and education, as one of top ten books in Business Performance Management and Operational Performance Management categories in 2013.

Software Process Improvement with CMM

Software Process Improvement With CMMA step-by-step approach for improving your software development process, using the Software Engineering Institute's Capability Maturity Model (CMM). This book gives software project managers and administrators a real-world understanding of software process improvement and use in each stage of the development lifecycle.

Process definition, the effective use of software metrics, and common sense software project management along with CMM specifics delivers an integrated approach.

"This work is addressed to project managers and management looking to get a practical understanding of process improvement using the CMM. The CMM is an earlier version (now sunset) of CMMI, but the book’s focus on implementing CMMI processes across the phases of a project life cycle is very well done and thorough, and the advice still remains true for CMMI. So it’s still worth a look."
- O'Reilly Safari Books