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Our Services

ShareDynamics places a particular emphasis on a clearly understood set of strategy, priorities, goals and targets for your initiative, which align with the underlying business processes and are based on measurable data. We help to identify meaningful measures, metrics, KPI's and management dashboards that enhance business strategy with peak operational performance.

  • Strategic Planning and Strategy Alignment
  • Business Process Design & Process Improvement
  • Change Management
  • Establishing Measurement Frameworks
  • Defining Cascading Scorecards and Dashboards
  • Program Planning & Management

Case Study

In fall 2010, the Vermont Legislature sought consultants for implementing a new, entrepreneurial approach to government budgeting. Facing a shortfall, state officials did not merely slash spending. They issued 17 departments and agencies a “Challenge for Change” to achieve more with reduced funding through performance-based contracts on $70 million of procurement and operational budgets. A related project was to set metrics that defined outcomes and amounts saved through improvement and innovation.

ShareDynamics was chosen to prepare the state’s Office of Purchasing & Contracting for this change by creating a process plan, template documents and help staff to determine key performance indicators. 

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  • “Joe's deep knowledge and experience are great assets. Joe developed a proof-of-concept software system that successfully predicted business events using data mining technology. This system's capabilities exceeded our expectations by far, and (our collaboration) has had a profound impact on my own career.”
    Tilmann Bruckhaus, Sr. Manager, Data Engineering and Analytics at Intuit
  • “Process improvement is a hard row to hoe in any engineering organization. Joe helped our engineering team understand the obvious benefits and helped us realize those benefits as quickly as possible.”
    Cynthia Gregory, Director, IT Program Management, Shutterfly
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