Business Case Development

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. ~Benjamin Franklin

Course Description

Getting people to invest in your product ideas is easier said than done. Practically, investors and businesses can be very picky about the type of investments they go for. Even getting them to streamline their existing ideas can be an uphill battle.

  • Are you tired of getting your business ideas shot down?
  • Do you feel that you have viable investment ideas but just can’t get investors?
Then this workshop is perfect for you. Learn how to develop successful business cases that investors can’t pick apart. By applying the Business Case Canvas methodology, you can highlight the level of thorough analysis, research and effort you’re putting in your business cases.

The business case canvas is a flexible method to accommodate market changes. You can address any issues easily and visually show everyone just how viable your ideas are. Get the investment and resources you need to set your plans into motions. With the business case canvas method, you’ll be able to always deliver on your promise and explore all your ideas with ease!

Workshop Outline

  • Essential building blocks that every business case must have.
  • Steps needed to complete a well-structured business case.
  • How to identify necessary information in support of the business case.
  • Tips and techniques for problem definition, analysis of alternatives, and setting of appropriate measures and KPIs.
  • How to develop winning Business Case presentations for your Business Case.
  • Best practices for clear, step-by-step approach to presentations using Strategic Business Case canvas. ​​
  • How to present a winning business case in 5 slides
All attendees will receive all supplemental materials used during the workshop.

Workshop Feedback: Strategic Project Manager